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Hallie worked with my daughter on both her college and graduate school essays.  She was incredibly helpful, patient and easy for my daughter to work with and for me to communicate with.  She really connected with my daughter which made what could have been a draining experience a wonderful one!  She spent time speaking with my daughter to  come up with compelling topics to write about.  We loved how she offers a completely personal experience and really gets to know you.  Hallie was able to help my daughter strike the right balance for both her college and graduate school essays and empowered my daughter to convey her stories and experience in a compelling and engaging way.  My daughter was very proud of the end result and felt that with Hallie’s guidance, she was able to really showcase herself well to the prospective colleges and universities she was applying to.  We were grateful for her help both times and will always recommend her to anyone going through the college or grad school essay process."

R.E., New York

Working with Hallie is pure pleasure and I cannot say enough positive things about the experience.  From the moment we started collaborating, it was evident that she possessed a unique blend of creativity and professionalism that set her apart from others.

First and foremost, her communication skills were exceptional.  Hallie took the time to truly understand our brand, our target audience, and the specific objectives of each project.  Her ability to listen attentively and ask insightful questions ensured that we were always on the same page, which ultimately translated into a seamless workflow.

Hallie’s creativity was truly inspiring.  She effortlessly brought our ideas to life with captivating words that resonated with our audience.  Whether it was crafting pitches, developing catchy taglines, engaging website content or compelling social media posts, her words have a magical way of leaving a lasting impact on readers. We plan to continue our collaboration for many years to come."

A.C, New Jersey
Hallie helped me get into one of the top 10 online Nurse Practitioner Programs in the country! I only applied to one program and because of her help with my essay I was able to get in and get closer to my dream career. She is amazing! She is kind/sweet/hardworking/patient and will help make your essay perfect!"
E.L, New York

Hallie has helped me with all of my personal communications.  After each phone call, she taps right in to exactly what I am trying to say and is incredibly intuitive.  She helps me craft my message with ease and it feels like she has been in my head this whole time.  She always makes sure I express things exactly the way I intend and is so easy to work with.  I recommend her to all of my friends and family and whoever would be in need of her services.  It’s to the point I even wanted her to read this over as she’s just that good 😊 "

H.G., New York

Whenever my company needs help with messaging, Hallie is our first phone call.  She has a unique way of figuring out effective ways of communicating to our clients.  She has an amazing way with words that is unmatched. Hallie has helped develop powerful marketing and brandingmaterials, created unique ways of positioning new sales offerings for presentations, email blasts and social media posts and has worked on messaging with C level executives for press and client opportunities.   Working with Hallie on both small and big projects is always a privilege and one we don’t take for granted"

M.B., New York
This article is straight up AMAZING. I am crying as I am reading the way you put this all together. You are extremely talented!! The way you write is like you have known me for a lifetime which is very hard to do. Unbelievable!"
J.S., New York
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