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Starting from when I was a little girl, my parents nicknamed me "the mouth" because I have always been rich in words.  Once I learned how to put pen to paper (or now finger to keyboard), I realized just how much I also love to write.  Communicating has always been at the core of who I am – both personally and professionally.   It has been an honor to get to tell my own stories and a privilege to help others tell theirs.  Rather than relying on artificial intelligence, I am proud that I am able to forge authentic relationships with my clients where we rely on our collective intelligence and individual experiences to create compelling narratives together.  I look forward to connecting with you to help with your next chapter whether it be a college or graduate school essay, a family history, personal or dating profiles, online articles, marketing and branding materials or any story that deserves to be richly told.



Hallie Rich is a top-selling author and award-winning entrepreneur. Hallie is a highly regarded and sought-after writer due to her communication and persuasion skills and her passion for storytelling. Hallie co-authored the top-selling book “Should I Scoop Out My Bagel” (Skyhorse 2016).  The follow-up book “Your Everyday Nutrition” will be out this upcoming fall (Skyhorse 2023). Hallie also served as the Publisher of Macaroni Kid for the Melville, Dix Hills and Huntington areas.  In this role, she poignantly highlighted newsworthy and noteworthy community members while significantly increasing readership and engagement.

Hallie has worked with both B2B and B2C clients creating both internal and external communication and branding strategies. She has also worked with individual clients ranging from C-level executives to high school students on their personal communication needs including personal statements, media placements as well as college and graduate school essays. Whether crafting a personal story or promoting a brand, Hallie has a proven track record of being able to package a story to highlight her clients' competitive strengths and create a compelling narrative. 

Hallie's new book "Your Everyday Nutrition" is now available

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